About Me

Since you’ve made it to this page, it looks like I must be doing something right.

I’m someone who loves words. I love words so much that I went and got myself an M.A. in Linguistics, and was able to nerd out by writing my thesis on the syntax of Tolkien’s poetry. I got to read Tolkien like it was my job, which basically, it was.

But you don’t need to hear about that. You need to know why I’m here, and what I can do for you.

After being in a few editorial positions, I’ve decided to start up my own website. I like to write, I love to make people laugh, but most importantly, I love to make people’s writing¬†shine. This is what I do as an editor. You know when you’re staring at your writing, after spending hours, days, weeks, years, trying to make it perfect, and you don’t know how? Better yet, you don’t know who you can trust with your work? It’s your precious baby; you created it. You see the potential in your work, but you know that the world can be a cruel, cruel place.

Well, that’s where I come in. With experience editing statements of interest, short stories, poetry, Masters’ theses, and synopses, I’ll take a look at your work, and I promise I’ll be tactful with it. It’s basically your child, and I know how painful the writing process alone can be. But after I’m done with it, your work will sound like the equivalent to Morgan Freeman’s voice. Except your personality will of course be left intact. So you’ll sound like you, but the best version of you. Who wouldn’t want that?

Feel free to contact me any time, about anything. Let’s talk about our favourite books over a cup of tea.