It’s All In The Details

“Details create the big picture.” Sanford Weill said it perfectly. From the moment we wake up in the mornings to when we go to sleep, our day is riddled with details. Even making it out of the door in the morning is dependent on so many factors; whether we wake up on time, whether our clothes are clean and pressed, whether we do or don’t eat breakfast, whether we need to look after someone else before ourselves.

Words require as much attention to detail. Books. Stories. Job applications. Summaries. It’s all in how you say it on paper or on a screen, the rhythm and the flow of syntax. If we don’t take care of the details, we won’t see the end result. We won’t get out of the door.

Some people don’t understand the value of an editor. In a way, we’re all editors. We need to edit an assignment, a job application, the email we write to our boss. But an editor’s job is more than someone who does the same thing as autocorrect (although we fix those mistakes, too), we refine language to sound its very best.

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